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For Passengers

Logontohopon.com is a website powered and serviced by Express Bus Ltd (Dublin). It specialises in Door to Door staff transport services operating 24/7 365 days a year, this supports a return journey option.


Your company must have registered with us in order for you to use the service. If your company is not currently using staff transport you can send the information for staff transport to them by clicking here.


For Companies

Logontohopon.com is a staff transport solution provided by Express Bus for companies who have staff that work outside of normal bus hours (After 10pm and before 6am). We have a flexible service to suit your companies needs including Company Full Subsity (The Company fully covers the cost of passenger transport), Part Subsity (The Company pays a percentage toward the staff transport) and no subsity (The Staff pays for the transport themselves).


With this service we offer a number of guarantees. Firstly, we guarantee your staff will be in ontime or we will provide their transport for FREE. Secondly, we guarantee a door to door service. (Please read our terms and conditions)


The Benifits of the Staff transport service is:

· Guarantee that your staff will be in ontime

· Company can attract quality staff because of easy access

· Full Reporting structure and statistics in place for staff transport



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