05 Nov 2015 - Flexi-Tickets now available

The Flexi-ticket gives you more time to catch the bus if you think you may be late for a return journey. This ticket is only available for return journeys from Dublin Airport. The ticket allows you to book for one hour, but if you are late, use the ticket within the next 2 hours after your initial booking time. So, if you purchase a flexi-ticket and you book for 1am, you can use your ticket at 2am or 3am instead, if you find you are late.

Again, the Flexi-ticket is for return journeys ONLY. So you will have to click the "return" checkbox to avail of the Flexi-ticket.

To book a flexi-ticket, book your bus as normal, click the "return" checkbox and click "flexi" in the dropdown menu, beside "Ticket type". If you have any issues contact us here.

The "HotSpot" ticket allows customers to get picked up at local landmarks for a cheaper fare.
    The initial HotSpots will be;
  • 1. Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport, Northwood Avenue
  • 2. Travelodge - Dublin Airport South Hotel, Shangan Road
  • 3. A.L.S.A.A. Sports Club, Fingal
  • 4. Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport, Fingal

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